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What We Do

It's that Simple

We Help the organizations who need PPE; get it.

We hate to see our front line medical workers (doctors, nurses and scientists) trying so hard to do their jobs to keep us safe and healthy, and not have the PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT to keep them safe and out of harms way. Don't forget our other essential workers (grocery store workers, food processing workers, repairmen, contractors, cleaning sanitary services). Our goal is to help them, in order for them to help us as they have been, all through this pandemic. It really is that simple. We invite you to work with us to get much needed PPE to your organizations and your clients organizations. Contact us today.

What Do You Need?

Prices, Samples and Details

Sellers Verification Process

Inspection and Approval


Delivery / Take Possession of Goods

The basics of procurement

Crucial Points to Know

This isn't rocket science. It's how people have transacted since the beginning of time.

Processes are Important

When you are dealing in volume buying of PPE, following process and procedures are imperative. Understand that the procedures are there to protect all parties. From sampling, quality control and inspections to ensuring on-time deliveries, payment and other expectations, these things take time and require some due diligence. RiverPoint PPE will help you through the process to make it work for you.

Behind Every Successful Transaction is a Wall of TRUST.

With all the unqualified brokers in the PPE market, it creates doubt among parties involved. This is just good business and common sense. Building trust is essential to any successful transaction. Don’t be fooled by people telling you they need confirmation immediately. People trying to stoke FOMO (fear of missing out) in you, is the first sign that you should be wary.

Proof Isn't Just in Words

Proof is more than just mere words. It can be documentary proof, photos and video’s, 3rd party certifications and inspections, bank verifications, Letter of Credit, in short, proof is a reason to believe. This should be acceptable and totally understandable. If parties tell you otherwise, then turn around and walk away. Legitimate buyers and sellers should not deny proof to their counterparts. It’s a fair request. .

We tried and tried to get PPE from all the "joker-brokers", in this insane PPE marketplace. It is difficult to know who was legit and who were not. Let me be honest, with all our experience... most of these guys were outright lying. RiverPoint on the other hand, were knowledgeable, reasonable, and built up our trust in their abilities quickly. Ken was so good to work with! He gave us several options, quoted competitive pricing, committed to deliver On time, On certified PPE specifications and On our budgets, every-time. There was no BS and he did what he said and kept us informed every step of the way. Want a trusted supplier for PPE?? Go no further than RiverPoint PPE...

-April 2021

@Senior Buyer - Retail

In our work, we try to take attention to every detail. We assist our various govt dept's get PPE when they need it; how they need it and when they need it. At the heart of it, we are helping citizens of our country. Riverpoint is a pleasure to work with as they do the same for us and we honestly couldn't be more pleased with results.

-March 2020

@Government Procurement Manager

I like Riverpoints' motto, " Delivering products On Time, On Spec & On Budget" These guys are "Always On" my speed dial whenever I need PPE.

-July 2020

@Health Care Services- Procurement Dept

When Covid first began, we quickly were left without supplies for our food services clients. Our suppliers in the past struggled to get PPE from their manufacturers. Riverpoint PPE stepped in and supplied us with superb quality PPE and somehow they had the connections to deliver it quickly. We love working with Riverpoint and they are now a vendor of choice for our organization.

-Feb 2021

@Food Services supplier
So what's next??


When procuring PPE for government, hospitals, businesses, and even universities, colleges, and public school systems, there is always a process involved. As we work together to get needed PPE to wherever it is needed globally, we remind clients, that the processes are in place to protect all parties, much like the government and institutional buyers have for the entities they represent. Please contact us with your needs and let's work through the process together.