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PPE Fraud – How To Prevent It From Happening To You

As the pandemic wreaked havoc on individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. Numerous individuals were unable to work due to the pandemic protocols and also due to ongoing sickness with long-covid; businesses have been forced to close during the pandemic and many were forced to closed down permanently, as the affected them financially, and the death count continued to rise globally. This has resulted in an immediate and drastic need for medical supplies, especially personal protective equipment (“PPE”). Learn about the fraud that happened during the pandemic and how your organization can avoid fraudulent activity going forward.


Just as worldwide shortages of masks and disinfectant products have increased the prices of those products, single-use gloves, particularly nitrile (and now blended), have become increasingly difficult and costly to come by during the pandemic.Read on about the reasons for the price increases for nitrile gloves:

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On The Ground Goods / Allocation Holders and the Light Around the Corner.

We are seeing the marketplace answer problems such as the increased global pollution caused by exponential increase in single use, disposable PPE which is largely produced with petrochemical based raw materials. We are seeing brands produce better fitting products that take consumer preferences into account. with the move to more general consumers using PPE, we are seeing more fashionable designs, more colour options and more focus on improving quality, comfort and styling. In short, we are seeing an explosion in better PPE products hitting the marketplace.

What to Consider When Procuring PPE in the COVID-19 Era

Give this post a read, that was written by Kroll. https://www.kroll.com/en-ca/insights/publications/compliance-risk/what-to-consider-when-procuring-ppe-in-covid-19-era . For all those who aren’t familiar with Kroll: Kroll was founded in 1972 by Jules B. Kroll as a consultant to corporate purchasing departments. The company focused on helping clients improve operations by uncovering kickbacks, fraud, and other forms of corruption. In the […]

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The Plain Truth Series #6

The reason why we jumped into this was not initially the money we could make, but the help we could provide to all the front line workers desperately in need of PPE supplies. I’m all for people making money for providing a valuable service, but we frown upon those people who are greedily taking advantage of buyers, lying and often cheating them.

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The Plain Truth Series#5

What I am appalled at, in this gold rush of a PPE market, is the number of people who have no background to show their counterparts that they can deliver on any PPE promise at all. These guys have not taken any time to show to me or my colleagues that they even thought about how to represent themselves, their expertise, or their qualifications (whatever this may be) for anyone to believe they can do what they are purporting to.

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The Plain Truth Series #3

I have met people in this market who call themselves “allocation holders” that indeed have gotten me places where I could not have (as easily) without them. These people normally have a very high level connection to C-level executives in large PPE corporations and their one call had helped me in the past to move things from a “maybe” and a “possibility” to one that gained an honest kick in the pants and forward momentum behind it.